Simply pressing a button on a camera-cellphone or meticulously planning a photo shoot have many things in common but the most important one is the image that we produced. We all have a certain level of understanding about the process of image making. This level of understanding only determines our skills in mechanical procedures of photography. As important is the knowledge of hardware & software, they are only tools of trade. Understanding of photographic processes only provides correct images.  Another important piece of the puzzle is the clear understanding about the IMAGE itself; composition, vantage point, perspective, tones and many other elements of the image need attention and practice. Photographer’s artistic message will be presented  more efficiently if both the processes and the knowledge of the image is mastered.
Saugeen River Workshops offers the unique opportunity to refine your photography skills. Workshops are goal-oriented; aside from general imaging fundamentals we will address specific areas of photographic techniques for the real world image making situations.

We are located on the beautiful Saugeen River, just outside Hanover, Ontario.  Maxime and his his son Rene Gibson bring expertise with over 30 years of work in the Art of Printing and Photography. Based in Ontario’s beautiful West Grey region, this year our location is offering a unique blend of workshops for both classic methods of photography and darkroom printing to advanced digital imaging. Field Trips to the picturesque natural Saugeen Conservation Parks, Historic Villages, the Bruce Peninsula of Georgian Bay are just a few breathtaking outings you will experience on our photography excursions.

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Some of the workshops include:

  • Studio Portraiture ( Digital and Classic )
  • Landscape Photography ( Analogue and Digital )
  • Food Photography
  • Product Photography & Table Top
  • Darkroom Film and Print Processing
  • Photo Finishing Techniques
  • Digital Post Production
  • Teen Photography Workshops Camps
  • Themed Photography Field Trips

Join us to find out the latest trends and innovations in uniting the classic analogue with the modern digital photography methods!
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Saugeen River Photo Workshops