Classic Film and Darkroom Workshop

The classic, hand-made black and white print in fine art printmaking and contemporary photography.

Explore monochrome photographic processes in-depth and take your fundamental Black & White photography knowledge to the highest levels.

Exposure, film and format options, processing choices, enlarging, and print finishing  will  be covered during hands-on work in the darkroom. Silver gelatin works, commercial and hand sensitized silver base processing, custom recipes for film & paper developing, correction developing, creative developing, archival processes.

REQUIREMENTS : manual 35 mm or medium format film camera. Darkroom chemistry and paper is included. Film and additional photographic paper may be purchased separately.



Darkroom technique and aesthetics. Students will be exposed to classic examples of photography, and instructed in appropriate techniques in each area.


Registration open for April to November


7 hours


Saugeen River Studio Workshop in Hanover, plus Field Trip




Any camera – Digital SLR or Film SLR that as a manual mode