Photography Camps

Studio and Field Photography Camp

With the Saugeen Photography hands-on workshops you’ll learn by doing.
Discussions will develop your photographic ideas and questions will be answered by practical methods.
You’ll discover the potentials of your camera and learn to work around it’s limitations. You will start to pre-visualize ideas then make photographs as oppose to simply taking them. The classic darkroom workshop module for film processing, printing and  developing gives participants a complete spectrum of hands on creative photography process. You’ll learn how to output your favourite images, share them digitally on social media and enhance them for print, but most importantly – you’ll learn to ENJOY PHOTOGRAPHY.

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Understanding about the IMAGE itself; composition, vantage point, perspective, tones and many other elements of the image need attention and practice. Photographer’s artistic message will be presented  more efficiently if both the processes and the knowledge of the image is mastered. NEW this year:  Experience the wonders of traditional  film development by working on your own film ( provided ). Then expose your selected negatives on enlargers to create your prints to take home.


Workshop Camp includes 5 days …  Register Now >>


Day Time


Saugeen River Studio Workshop in Hanover, Historic Village Day Trips, Nature and Wild Life Saugeen Conservation Park




Any camera – Digital SLR or Film SLR that as a manual mode. Loaner equipment are available on first come first serve basis.